A breakthrough technique for bonding semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions to your own.

The benefits are:

•The lashes lengthen and thicken your own lashes

•They make your eye appear wider and more open

•The lashes are waterproof, you can swim with them

•There are no smudges or clumps

•You don’t have to wear mascara

•They can last up to two months (with regular maintenence)

•Suitable for contact lense wearers



Now fantastically longer eyelashes can be a reality for all of you. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a phenomenon and all the celebrities have taken advantage of the latest fashion/beauty must have!!!


Now you can benefit from the latest beauty trend – by having THICKER, LONGER GORGEOUS LASHES that you have always dreamt of – just perfect for a special occasion, holidays or for a natural day to day look and only takes 1 hour!! .. Imagine waking up every morning and looking wide awake even after a late night!!


Semi Permanent eyelash extensions are bonded and blended into your existing lashes one by one to create noticeable extra length and volume and will feel just like your own as they are very lightweight.

It is now possible to create fuller, lashes with added volume that can look as natural or as glamorous as your wish.


Create a fuller volumised look or opt for a natural curl - The choice is yours! No more false eyelashes and worrying if they are falling off, Semi permanent eyelash extensions are securly glued onto your natural lashes.


As seen on all the latest celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears and Beyonce for a fraction of the celebrity price, All Lashed Out will transform your lashes to gorgeous lashes.


At 'All Lashed Out' you have 2 choices to which semi permanent eyelash extensions to choose from.

Eyelure 'EXPRESS' lashes which are more volumised, they are cluster individual lashes and last around 4/7 days.

Or you can choose the Marvel Lash Eyelash Extensions 'INDIVIDUAL' lashes they are very similiar to Nouveau eyelash extensions, Lash perfect, Xtreme lashes, Which come in different sizes and thickness to suit your lashes perfectly.


Dont forget we also apply the strip lashes for that night out you have been waiting for!


Take a look at the reasonable prices and photos




Eyelash Extensions - All Lashed Out